creating a sound effect in TikTok

5 Tips for creating a sound effect in TikTok

Want to learn how to add a sound effect to your TikTok videos? Follow this instruction, and you can make your own custom sound and save it to your library in under three minutes.

The Two-Step Process for Creating Unique Music on TikTok

The first two stages in uploading and extracting your first sound on TT. Learn how to complete each task in one minute or less.

Step 1: Create a Video from Your Recording (Preparation)

You must use the.mp4 file extension for your audio. As a result, you’ll need to create a short video. Use a screen recorder app, play the music/voice, and record it if it is already on your phone. By doing so, it would transform into a shareable video clip instantly. Unless you want to waste your phone’s storage space and memory, you should capture a video of yourself talking.

Step 2: You must upload the video to TikTok and strip the audio.

  • Launch the app and select the plus sign (+) to add a new video.
  • The video with the desired sound may be uploaded by clicking the “Upload” button in the lower right.
  • Press the “Next” button.
  • Set the video to “Private” so your fans won’t be able to watch it. Make the video inaccessible to the public by selecting the “Who may see this video?” option.
  • Put the clip online. Next, navigate to your profile and click the “Me” tab.
  • Choose the recently-uploaded video and launch it.
  • Choose the symbol of the rotating record at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Selecting “Add to Favorites” or “Use This Sound” will turn it into a usable sound effect on TikTok.

Making a voiceover is the easiest solution.

You may either talk into the mic or play a sound over your recording video. So as to:

  • Share a video with the world by tapping the plus sign (+).
  • Make sure “keep original sound” is unchecked.
  • On the right side of the screen, choose the option labeled “Voiceover” (The microphone icon).
  • You may start recording by pressing the record button and then speaking into the microphone or playing your desired sound effect.

TikTok prohibits using any music or sounds copyrighted by a third party that is not publicly available. You may violate copyright laws if you add audio to your TikTok video.

Currently, there is a way (more accurately, a loophole) to utilize any audio in your TikTok video without violating copyright. Just follow these steps to put it to use.

  • Launch the program and hit the plus sign (+) to add a new clip.
  • Find the clip you think may have copyright concerns and click on it.
  • Choose “Next” to proceed.
  • Choose some music from the recommended list and use it in your video.
  • Then, in the bottom left corner, select the music symbol resembling a pair of scissors.
  • Turn the background music to zero and the “Original Sound” to the maximum.
  • You may now publish your video.

While using the TT Sound Collection, you won’t have to worry about copyright violations.

Use the app’s built-in music to maximize the views of your TikTok videos.  The addition sign (+) at the screen’s bottom lets you add a video after it has been uploaded. You may quickly and easily submit your creations to TikTok with the help of the recommended series of popular music and sound effects.

No copyright infringements will ever occur by using the app’s library. After uploading your video, it will not automatically become private or muted. Use the “More” tab to look for more music and sound effects to incorporate into your content.

How to Perfect Your Sound for TikTok

To the extent that you don’t get a ban notice or an automatically muted video, TT is a lot of fun.

To avoid being caught off guard, you should remember these points.

You might get deactivated.

TikTok’s official website states, “[TikTok] does not accept any content that violates the copyright. TikTok’s policies may be broken if users utilize other people’s copyrighted content without their permission or a reasonable justification under the law. Accounts with numerous copyright infractions may be temporarily or permanently disabled.

Making noises protected by intellectual property laws on the TikTok app is a way to get your account banned. If you want to stay on the right side of intellectual property regulations, check to see that your work is completely original.

You should ensure that none of the song titles you create infringe on intellectual property rights.

Before saving a sound to your favorites, you may give it a name. TikTok will alert you to avoid using copyrighted content in your titles. The software warns users to avoid infringing on others’ intellectual property rights with their titles. Just the title can be changed once.

TikTokers are often silenced despite having their own style of music. If that’s the case, it’s not the music or the actors’ voices that are the problem; it’s the titles.


If you want to add audio to your TikTok creation, you’ll need an MP4 video clip.

Any of your submitted videos may be converted into audio files. To save the audio from a video to your favorites, just tap on it and then pick the spinning record symbol. There should be no copyright on the music, noises, or voiceovers you use. If you don’t comply, your posts may be hidden or muted. Using the app’s internal sound library is a foolproof method of avoiding copyright infringement.