Corrupted PDF Files

How To Repair Corrupted PDF Files Online

You need to use the Portable Document Format (PDF) to read the shared document. Regardless of the computer’s hardware, software, or operating system, information may be seen, accessed, and shared via this method. Some browsers are unable to open PDF files because they are password-protected. We all know that electronic data can be infected by viruses and corrupted by malware at any time. That’s also true with PDFs. Let’s have a look at the primary cause of PDF file corruption.

Possible causes of Repair Corrupted PDF Files

If your storage medium or hard drive is contaminated, a USB device can corrupt your file as well. This is because the PDF is present on the infected hard drive.

System shutdown or loss of power Makes Corrupted PDF Files

System shutdown or loss of power Occasionally, when working on your system, the system will shut down unexpectedly or lose power. You should expect to see high rates of PDF files being damaged if you’re transmitting any kind of PDF file.

Virus Or Malicious File Make Corrupted PDF Files

PDF files might be corrupted or damaged if your system contains a virus or malicious file on your machine.

Free Issue

When the Internet connection is unstable, incomplete or unsuccessful file downloads can cause PDF files to become corrupted. The file structure is also harmed by incorrect downloads.

Top Four Methods To Fix Corrupted Pdf Files

Use a Different PDF Reader 

If the PDF file does not open in Adobe Acrobat try using another PDF reader instead. You may find a variety of free PDF readers out there in the open-source community. Foxit Reader, Javelin, Google Drive, Sumatra PDF, Nitro Reader, and other Adobe Acrobat-based PDF readers are among the finest. However, this approach may not always yield accurate findings. To restore the corrupted PDF, you can utilize the Third-party program.

Try  Restoring The Previous Version of The PDF 

As long as your machine is running Windows 10, you may easily restore your PDF file to its prior state. The ability to roll back PDF files into a prior version is integrated right into Windows 10. You may do this by following these steps:

  1. The faulty PDF file can be found by browsing its location.
  2. Right-click on the Corrupt PDF document.
  3. Select the Restore option to revert to a prior version.
  4. To fix corrupted PDF files, if you can’t discover a prior version, you may use repair tools that are available for free online.

Try online repair services To Corrupted PDF Files

There are several online repair tools available. They can be used to fix PDF files that have been corrupted. However, because of its restrictions on file size and the number of pages it can handle, this software isn’t a viable alternative. Professionals propose utilizing the Automated PDF Solution Recovery Tool to prevent these drawbacks. Go 

PDF recovery tool

If the above-mentioned options fail to yield accurate results, you might utilize the PDF Recovery program. Risk-free, it provides a user-friendly interface for both experts and non-experts alike. It is possible to fix many PDF files at the same time with this program.  Consider a few capabilities of PDF Recovery Tools

Advanced PDF Recovery Tool options TO Corrupted PDF Files

The PDF Recovery Tool has a wide range of useful options for its users. Here are a few examples:-The major goal of this application is to repair or recover corrupted components from PDF files and restore them in a new format as a new PDF.

To fix small PDF file corruption, PDF Recovery offers two repair modes: Standard and Advance. Standard mode fixes minor PDF file corruption.During the whole recovery procedure, it protects the critical data. During the recovery process, not a single bit of data is lost.After the recovery procedure is complete, the data in the recovered PDF file may be viewed in this tool.It supports all the modern and previous versions of Windows-based Operating systems. The free trial version of this tool is also available for you to use.


The three-manual approaches for repairing a damaged PDF are described in this blog. These approaches might help you recover a corrupted PDF file. Nonetheless, if you have any difficulties when utilizing these tools. If your PDF files become corrupted or inaccessible, you can use the expert solution PDF Recovery tool.