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TikTok Audit: How To Measure Your TikTok Page Performance

If you run a business account on TikTok, it is essential to carry out regular audits to ensure that you are operating your business as effectively as possible. The TikTok audit helps you to check whether or not you are meeting your business goals. Assuming you have already started marketing on TikTok, you should know the importance of running a TikTok audit which provides you with reports and evidence so you can improve your TikTok account for better reach.

If you just run your business account without tracking the insights, it doesn’t help you to attain your goals. Keep reading this article to learn what is TikTok audit, the benefit of audits, and how you can use them to build a successful TikTok marketing strategy. 

What Is A TikTok Audit?

By running a TikTok audit, users can get valuable insights into how your business is performing on TikTok, and you will confirm that your brands are moving in the right direction. Don’t get disappointed if your first TikTok result isn’t positive. Always focus on your TikTok content and engagement to make your marketing strategy even better.

Benefits Of Conducting A TikTok Audit

Analysing your TikTok content metrics regularly opens new doors to grow your business. Here are some of the key benefits of doing a TikTok audit

  • It helps you find the most liked, commented, and shared video on your TikTok account. 
  • Lets you review your TikTok content strategy
  • Allows you to find TikTok videos that no longer comply with your marketing strategy. 
  • It helps you to clear fake followers. 

Metrics To See When Doing A TikTok Audit

Here we have listed some TikTok audits that you can repeat whenever you measure your account performance. 

#1. Audit Your TikTok Profile

As a visual social platform, first impressions matter more on TikTok. The second step in the TikTok audit process is to examine your TikTok profile. It includes checking your bio, profile picture, CTA, and the overall look of your TikTok account. 

The TikTok profile audit lets you check the metrics listed below:

  • Profile picture
  • Bio
  • CTA
  • Resources

Checking your TikTok profile’s overall look helps boost your account reach among your target audience on the platform. As a business, having a catchy profile that represents your brand voice and value is important. In addition, adding the right CTA will direct many profile visitors to your target website or other social media channels. 

#2. Do A TikTok Content Audit

Once you have updated your TikTok profile details, it is the right time to check the TikTok content audit to find out your best performing post and see if they align with your business goals. Sharing authentic and high quality videos can make TikTok views increase quickly and take your content strategy to the next level. 

Create and maintain a content calendar to upload videos consistently to grab user attention and win the TikTok game. By auditing your TikTok content, you will understand which content resonates more with your potential audience and which doesn’t. 

#3. Check Your TikTok Engagement Stats

Engagement metrics are one of the essential things to get success on any social media platform. However, the TikTok engagement rate helps you to measure how your target audience is interacting with your content. Users can access the engagement metrics from the TikTok app, but you will only get the status for the last 28 or 60 days. 

By checking the engagement metrics, users can see the total number of likes, views, comments, and shares for each post. With these metrics, you can modify your content strategy to get your videos featured on the TikTok For You Page. 

Wrapping Up

Conducting a TikTok audit may look complicated at first, but it is essential to check the performance of your TikTok content to boost your business reach and sales. Hopefully, this article will help you to do a TikTok audit and analyse the metrics of your overall TikTok profile. Always remember to save the TikTok audit result and compare it with the future result to improve your business and TikTok account.